Dear Visitor:
a pseudo-poseidonios.net
We are pleased to send you greetings, though they may somewhat clumsy. Firstly, we would like to say this is not the web site of a second-hand shop, but is rather a self-centered reminder of our own past, a recollection of the materials in our study.

It is difficult to think about the possessions pressing in on us. We decide to wean ourself of them, but have not yet been able to do so. Recently, we have attempted to tell ourself, at the thought of losing all them. Then, during one such period of contemplation, we were visited by an oracle:

" To resolve thy troublesome situation, construct thine own web site ! ".

The oracle had given us an idea that would unify our unappreciated possessions using a method we might term the "Art of Memory". Or, to put the matter another way, fault-tolerance security could transfer the memory of our study into cyberspace. What is more, we could use the site to investigate on-line a range of information we considered necessary.

hus, this site was conceived with completely insolent motives. We must apologize in advance, but we have no intention of supplying visitors with intriguing elements meant solely to catch their attention. Our point is, as simply as we can express it, to be self-satisfied with the restoration of our mnemosyne. After all, it should be noted that here lie the keys to transport others to the universe of our virtual room, but said room will probably be less interesting to some of you than to others.

Last, but by no means least, regarding the usage of old-style Chinese characters and an admittedly unusual idiom, we find it most troublesome to conform to the linguistic capabilities of others, so we will reserve the right to tune out any complaints you might be thinking of sending. In this area, we are confident that we are not being unreasonable.

Thank you for your time,


(orginal forword as from July 1996)
with some corrections as of February 2010

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